Maruti Flex traders is a well-established Importer, Trader and Suppliers of a comprehensive range of signage products like indoor and outdoor advertising media in Bangalore and throughout India. We supply across India covering most of Tier 1 and Tier 2 Cities. We are rapidly Expanding our business to serve and meet the demands of Signage and Tape in various industries. The customer-centric approach has made us pioneers in this field. Since its inception in 2007, Maruti Flex has been serving many Printing industries Across India.

ONE WAY VISION FILM can be applied to glass or other transparent panels to deliver advertising, branding, architectural expression, one- way privacy and solar control. Perforated self-adhesive window films are frequently used to produce see- through graphics. See- through graphics are used for Out of Home advertising campaigns as part of vehicle wraps on motorcars, trains, Buses and the reverse window of taxis. It’s also used for advertising on static spots similar as telephone kiosks, bus stops and on glass windows and partitions in airports and other transport hubs.

Clear Focus perforated window vinyl is a unique, custom printed material that displays full-colour advertising while maintaining see-through visibility. The material has an adhesive backing for installation on the outside of a window. It allows you to see out of your window from the inside and allows your customers to see what appears to be solid graphics on the outside. It is an ideal material for large-scale storefront window graphics as the application process is exceptionally easy. The media backing peels off to expose an adhesive back that should be applied to a smooth, clean and clear surface for optimum results. The perforated film can be pulled up and repositioned several times during application, so if you make a mistake, it is easy to fix.

For businesses such as spas and medical offices that don’t want prying eyes peering into their windows, One Way Vision is the perfect solution. Patients and customers can still see out, but it is difficult for those outside your building to see in. In addition, light still passes through the perforations in the material; with the inside of the window looking like a privacy tint has been applied.
Storefront windows can be utilised to provide potential customers with a great first impression, while still promoting your store’s brand the way it was intended. This application is becoming very popular among retailers and luxury brands.
Specific applications for perforated window vinyl include:

  • Vehicle windows
  • Interior glass windows
  • Exterior glass windows
  • Interior glass doors
  • Exterior glass doors
  • Other glass applications