Extensive Range of Extruded Aluminium Profiles with Anodised Coat For Making It Long Lasting and Rust Free, in Different Sizes.


  • The unique construction of LED Light Sheet harnesses several patented processes which unite to create an innovative lighting unit.
  • Produced by combining high intensity LEDs with a patented 3D V-Cutting system.
  • This process allows light to be transmitted uniformly and evenly across the acrylic surface of the unit.
  • A unified backlighting unit, LED Light Sheet features thermally managed LEDs which are securely embedded inside an acrylic sheet.
  • This second patented process delivers a unit that is robustly constructed.
  • It can be easily installed in traditional backlighting units in LED modules and is fixed externally to an acrylic sheet.



  • While cool to the touch, LEDs collect heat internally.
  • Unless this heat is released, it can cause the LEDs to change colour.
  • Panels may then look inconsistent.
  • Our patented heat sink shifts heat away from the LED panel better than competitors’ versions.
  • This is because only the K-LGP heat sink is integrated with the LED panel, instead of in a frame surrounding it.



  • 3D V-CUTTING V-cutting is a patented process that gives K-LGP the grid look it’s known for.
  • It creates an evenly lit panel from the edges to the centre and lets us produce large panels.
  • How it works: a light is embedded into the sides of an acrylic panel.
  • Grooves are then etched across the acrylic, connecting the light from one end of the panel to the other.
  • They are widely spaced when close to the light source, and narrowly spaced when farther away.
  • The placement of these grooves is different for every panel.


  • Available in custom sizes.
  • Full-colour customization.
  • Suitable for large-scale surfaces.
  • High brightness (up to 10 000 lux).
  • High CRI is available.
  • Long LED lifespan (50 000+ hours).
  • Rigid structure.
  • Easy to hang.
  • Superior consistent light quality.
  • Advanced 3-year warranty.
  • Energy saving and maintenance free.
  • 70% energy savings over traditional lighting.